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Below are some 2016 pictures of weekend group rides, ranch sorting and just some random pictures that show our horses.


A weekend ride through our wooded trail.

Inukshuk riders met at Randy Storeys farm in Omemee to ride the multi-use trail and assist with a video shoot.  Fun day!

Horses grazing at Inukshuk Farm.

Inukshuk riders (Janice and Jake) trying out some weekly ranch sorting at Jeff Hill`s Ranch in Omemee!  Everyone had a blast.

The best part of ranch sorting is driving the cattle back to the pasture.  Jake`s ears are usually in my pictures!

Janice and Andrea.

Sarah and Bucky ... our excellent Inukshuk competitors!

Erin Matte, one of our boarders discovering that she really enjoys ranch sorting! 

A Fall trailride ... Jan, Sarah A. and (as usual) Jake`s ears ... 2016.