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Inukshuk Farm

Weekend Riding on Inukshuk Trails


Inukshuk Farm is a boarding stable owned and operated by Janice and Miles Ecclestone since 1997.

Inukshuk clients cover a broad spectrum of disciplines and our goal is to provide a professional yet social atmosphere for competitive and pleasure riders along with a comfortable, safe environment for their horses. We would love to meet you and discuss the needs of you and your horse.

We are proud of a wide range of activities at Inukshuk.

We chose Inukshuk as the name of our Farm because of the following meaning and also to acknowledge Miles’ two decades of research (on glaciers) in the Canadian Arctic.

The Inukshuk (pronounced IN-OOK-SHOOK) meaning "in the image of man", are magnificent lifelike figures of stone which were erected by the Inuit people and are unique to the Canadian Arctic. Standing across Canada's North, they endure as eternal symbols of leadership, encouraging the importance of friendship and reminding us of our dependence upon one another.

We hope you enjoy a virtual visit to Inukshuk.

Check out our summer pastures. Horses love it here!

Crossing the farm trail bridge